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How do We Defend Against Coronavirus?

How do We Defend Against Coronavirus?

coronavirus pandemic

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, now you must be very worried about whether the product will carry viruses? If you place an order, will the goods you receive be safe? You can rest assured.

On the one hand, the new pneumonia epidemic situation in China has been effectively controlled, enterprises have resumed work with the permission of the Government, and people's lives have gradually begun to return to normal.

On the other hand, our company has not relaxed its vigilance. Not only has it fully disinfected the office environment and strictly required employees to do a good job of protection, but also strictly disinfected and controlled the products. Let's take a look at how we strictly defend against Coronavirus!

Regular Fixed-point Disinfection of Office Areas


1.Adequate Preparation of Epidemic Prevention Materials


We have stocked disposable masks, disposable gloves, forehead temperature guns, 75% disinfection alcohol, hand sanitizer and other anti-epidemic and disinfection items, and ensure adequate supply in the future; and set up disposable garbage bins in the park for employees to discard once supplies such as disposable masks, disposable gloves, etc. to ensure that the daily epidemic prevention work is carried out normally.

2.Regular Disinfection of Office Area


Before returning to work, our company hired a third-party professional disinfection company to sterilize the office and production workshop. During the epidemic prevention and control period, a full disinfection was performed every weekend, and daily internal cleaning and disinfection was performed.

Real-time Monitoring of Employee Health


1.Learning About Epidemic Prevention

Every employee needs to complete the learning of epidemic prevention knowledge in APP or mini-program, and obtain an electronic certificate through an exam, in order to strengthen the staff's understanding of the epidemic situation and actively cooperate with the protection work.

2.Employees Must Wear Masks At Work


XINYETONG issues a mask for employees every day and stipulates that disposable masks can only be worn for one day and cannot be reused, otherwise, they will be suspended from work and isolated at home.

3.Multiple Protections On The Way To Work


⑴ Office park entrance: show health code, take body temperature
⑵ Office building entrance: sole disinfection
⑶ In the elevator: there are special paper towels to press the elevator to avoid direct contact with the elevator
⑷ After arriving at the office floor and leaving the elevator, the staff disinfected the whole body

4.Monitor Employees' Physical Condition


On the working day, every morning and afternoon, the Personnel Department will regularly measure and record the temperature of employees and monitor their health.

Product Disinfection and Strict control


All our products are strictly controlled and disinfected before they reach your hands.

1.Strict Control In The production Process


Employees need to be tested and disinfected before they can enter the production space. Masks and gloves must be worn during product production to ensure product safety and hygiene.

2.Strict Packaging Disinfection

The product enters the packaging process after being disinfected. When packing, employees need to wear disposable gloves, disposable masks, and disinfect the outer box before shipping.

No coronavirus, only good products and services. At the moment of the coronavirus pandemic, we know, being responsible for ourselves and products means being responsible for our customers. XINYETONG has always adhered to its original intention to provide you with the best products and services.

Nowadays, the COVID-19 has broken out globally, but we believe that we will defeat it with the power of human solidarity. The flowers bloom in March, spring is here, protect yourself, let us welcome the spring flowers!

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