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Basic Feature:

An easy way to identify a large number of users in a wide area, especially for the library , entertainment application, and holiday oasis and villages.

RFID technology perfectly works in any situation and environment. Water-resistant, shock-resistant and wide temperature range.

Elastic RFID Bracelet's ideal use is in access control and payment. 


Chip ISO/IEC 15693 ICODE Sli-X
Memory 1K bits
Frequency 13.56MHZ
Material Waterproof paper
Antenna Size 52x15mm
Wristband size 250x25mm
Craft Blank, Logo Printing
Color available Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, etc.
More chip available Ntag213/216 ,Ultralight/C EV1,F08,1K S50 ,4K S70, Desfie 2K/4K/8K,Icode sli/x/s ,Plus S/X SLE66R01, FElica-LiTE-S,Topaz512,TI2048 , Ving card,SALTO card etc



  • Library
  • Keyless hotel rooms
  • Access control and & security
  • Counterfeit prevention
  • Customer loyalty programs 
  • Music Festival
  • E-payment